Why Zam Zam

  • Over 750 million people in this world lack access to clean water
  • 4,500 Children will die today due to lack of clean water
  • Women walk an average of 4 Miles a day in Africa and Asia to get water
  • For every $1 that is spent there is a $4 economic return

Our Mission

To create a better quality of life by bringing water to those in need, one well at a time.

Zam Zam Water is a 501(c)3 humanitarian organization devoted to playing a vital role in eradicating poverty by providing clean, sustainable water to villages across the globe.

What makes Zam Zam different

100% Volunteer-Based

Every $1 contributed to Zam Zam Water goes towards our water projects and the preservation of our organization. Everyone on staff or affiliate of Zam Zam Water is a volunteer and receives no type of monetary compensation. We all selflessly share the same passion and dedication to fulfill our dream of serving those less fortunate by donating our most valuable asset: time.

Water Committee with equal representation

We require each and every village that we serve to agree upon our terms to allow an equal representation of men AND women on the water committee that oversees the projects’ maintenance and sustainability. Unfortunately in many countries, women feel voiceless due to men overshadowing and dominating decisions made on behalf of their families and communities. What we strive for is a better quality of life by creating positive social change and empowering not only men, but women as well.


We will have updated multimedia i.e. pictures and videos, of the village and site of our project before, during, and after the project is completed. After each completed project, our volunteers will travel to the actual sites. We will involve ourselves within the villagers, meet and speak with them, eat amongst them, etc. We strive to assimilate ourselves within their culture with the goal of getting to know them better in order to empathize with them. We hope that our efforts carry a long-lasting impression of positivity and inspiration, as we find inspiration in others.

Those who support Zam Zam

I support Zam Zam Water because I believe that everyone should have access to clean water and that the people behind the organization will make sure that happens

Sara Barati
26, Las Vegas, NV

The reason why I support Zam Zam Water is because of the fluidity of the organization. I actually see where my money goes, which makes me feel like I'm part of the process

Zareena Sultani
25, Concord, CA

Because it brings water to those in need, one well at a time

Marienid Rodriguez
New York City, NY

Zam Zam Water is unique in its culture because it inspires the younger Afghan American generation to give back to their native roots in its simplest form

Wana Sultani
25, Concord, CA

Helping people in need is something the Prophet (pbuh) was firm on doing. As part of his Ummah, our job is to do the same. Zam Zam Water is reaching out to those who really need our help and I'm a full supporter in this project

Uzma Saiyed
18, Burlington, New Jersey

I support this organization because I've realized how important it is to have something as simple as clean water. Not everyone has the resources in which we have access to on a everyday basis. In fact, it's the people that we help that inspires me. Zam Zam Water gives me hope in humanity.

Aya Fawzy
22, San Jose, CA

I support Zam Zam Water because it enables me to make a difference in the world. It empowers me to change the lives of people who are less fortunate than I am.

Solomon Mohseni
26, Union City, CA

Board of Volunteers

Yusuf Nessary


Zarina Mujadedy

Vice President
Social Media Director

Deeba Osman

Secretary Deeba@zamzamwater.org

Nour M. Goda

Chief Strategist/Advisor, BetweenArabs Project Nour@zamzamwater.org

Wais Hamid

Logistical Coordination wais@zamzamwater.org

Ravi Makadia

Website Engineer - Founder Critosphere ravi@profoundcode.com

Sakina Zazay

Dallas/Ft. Worth Regional Director zazaysakina@gmail.com

Saimah Arshad

Salaam Nutritionals LLC, Founder/Owner info@salaamnutrionals.com

Khalida Dubose

Northern California Regional Coordinator Khalida.Dubose@gmail.com

Jamilla Afandi

Chief Graphics and Architecture Designer jafandi@umich.edu

Adrian Carpenter

Web Services

Media Coordinators

Hila Hamidi

USC Film Student creative@zamzamwater.org

Omar Kohgadai

Founder, Wayve Media creative@zamzamwater.org

Sajad Mojaddedi

Founder, ASM Films creative@zamzamwater.org

Edreece Arghandiwal

Founder, Jurni Inc. creative@zamzamwater.org

Honorable Volunteers

Samantha Coon, Madina Omar, Wana Sultani, Zareena Sultani, Keenan Davis, Zenaht Halekosai, Omar Kohgadai, Wali Kohgadai, Yasmin Mazier, Sharik Mirza, Solomon Mohseni, Sadaf Nagshbandi, Madina Ibrahim, Safa Ibrahim, Rabi Nabizad, Yusuf Nayib, Eileen Shabankareh, Jober Tarin, Mufti Nawaz Ahmad Khan, Tarek Abdel, Dr. Ribhi Hazin, Deeba Osman, Haroon Naderi, Megan Mojadidi, Tariq Mojaddidi, Sadaf Akbarzadeh, Jaz Acosta, Hasiba Mohsenzada, Parwez Mohabbat, Jim Losi, Ryan Lamberton, Vanessa Cuevas, Edreece Arghandiwal, Nadeem Saaed

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