Imam Bukhari Project

For less than $1 a day, help us answer the prayer of an orphan

People and Place

The Imam Bukhari Orphanage Education Center is located in the Nawabad Demazaang village of Kabul City, Afghanistan. Dr. Suliman Nessary is the executive director of the school and oversees over 30 staff members and 300-orphaned students

The Orphans

— 160 Girls

— 140 Boys

The Orphans

— $375/ per student for one year

— Daily Lunches

— Medical Insurance

— School Fees

— Backpacks

— School Uniforms

4th Floor

In honor of Dr. Saleh Abdel-Aleem and Tarek Abdel-Aleem

— Kitchen

— Cafeteria

— 300 Person Assembly Hall

— Library

— Computer Lab

Imam Picnic


Zarina Mujadedy, and the Ahmadzai, Mujadedy, Omar families funded a water project for the students of the school as a honorary Saddaqa Jarriya project for their grandmother.

— 65+ Meters Deep

— Built in less than 20 Days

— Concrete foundation for sustainability

*10% of Salaam Nutritionals Halal Supplements will go towards this project