Rwanda Project - A donation from the family of Ziad Ahmad Al Moghrabi 1952-2015

Shortly following the launch of our Rwanda: Water For All project, a fellow Zam Zam supporter whose father had recently passed away (Allah Yerhamo), inquired about the project. After his passing, she received a call from her mother, stating that her father came in her dream and said, "wash it off", pointing to his white clothing that had a blood stain. Her mother interpreted this dream as an opportunity for Saddaqa Jarriya (continuous charity). Within a few days, her mother gathered what she could and sent the full amount for the water project straight to Rwanda, per our direction. She mentioned that her father was a pilot and one of his dreams when he retired was that he wanted to visit Africa and meet its beautiful people. Little did he know that his name will forever be engraved in the hearts of the people from the KASIBIGEGE village in Rwanda.

Construction was completed in less than 40 days, just in time for when we make my journey to Rwanda, God willing. We want to share our gratitude to this sister and her family for entrusting us to fulfill this moral obligation.

With the funds that we have collected thus far, we will provide the villagers with multiple community fruit and vegetable gardens, flour, rice, oil, and other daily food supplies that will be distributed at the inaugural ceremony on January 13, 2016. We will also provide this village with goats and chickens to not only provide milk and meat, but a means to farm and cultivate crops. We want to provide sustainable opportunities for the people of this village for generations to come

The District of BUGESERA is one of the seven Districts of the Eastern Province of Rwanda. It is situated to the South West of the Province, between 3005 longitudes and 2009 latitude south and it covers a surface of 1337 Km2,


Project to construct 1 underground water tank of 10m3 in the KASIBIGEGE village-NYAMATA sector-BUGESERA District. In partnership of ANA Rwanda & Zam Zam Water.


The District of Bugesera’s altitude varies between 1300m and 1667m. The Bugesera district is also characterized by a set of hills with soft and middle slopes. There is also an area of land of low plateaus with mountains, hills and dry valleys as well as, swampy places, due to the tectonic downfall. Compared to the other regions of the country, Bugesera is characterized by a hot, humid climate resulting in the absence of tall mountains, due to relatively low altitudes and low amounts of rainfall.


During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, Bugesera lost more than half its population. Today, the people of Bugesera including genocide survivors live in extreme poverty and most children either do not attend school or attend irregularly because of fetching water from long distances (5- 7Km).

Our Goals

  • Improving water access for households
  • Assistance to vulnerable people of low-income areas especially for children and widowed survivors of the Tutsi genocide of 1994
  • Promoting technology for rainwater management that can be used by the households
  • Protecting the environment by channeling water from roofs during rainfall

Expected Results

  • The time allowed for fetching water will be reduced
  • Children will attend classes regularly
  • Genocide survivors will be assisted
  • Promote hygiene and sanitation in households
  • Diseases related to lack of hygiene will be reduced or totally eliminated
  • Environment will be protected
  • Facilitate water for vegetable gardens and fruit trees