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The 50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Startups 2015

Towards A Global Muslim Startup Ecology

Zam Zam Water was selected by Ummah Wide as one of the Top 50 Global Muslim Start-ups of 2015. Please click here to read the article.

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Payam E Afghan TV has supported our organization by continuously airing our documentaries, advertisements, and hosted our first televised interview. Thanks to Omar Khatab, Spogemai Khatab, Pashtana Khatab, and the staff of Payam E Afghan for their continued support and playing an important role in spreading the word about Zam Zam Water.

Meet the Team

Nour M. Goda is Editor-In-Chief of Between Arabs, a platform for Arab and Muslim Millennials to discuss the pressing issues the generation is facing and simultaneously promoting empathy and activism. Between Arabs' values coincide with our own; empowering and inspiring the youth to be agents of change and peace. Zam Zam Water President, Yusuf Ahmad Nessary, was featured in a podcast interview with Nour, discussing the important role the youth plays in creating a better future for our brothers and sisters around the globe.


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